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Little Tales

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Little Tales

18 Months to 3 Years

In these malleable years, we recognize that toddlers are synthesis learners who learn best in a multi-sensorial environment motivated by a world of inspiring stories.
An inviting and interactive environment is carefully crafted to provide creative learning experiences for these young children.


Our Playgroup and Pre-Nursery children will be immersed in a pocket of topics introduced through notable stories. From these stories, children will hop on to the Reggio Emilia-inspired journey of expression, experiential learning, and language that will enable them to purposefully interact with the natural world and social collaboration. It takes a village to raise a child.


Play Group

18 to 24 Months


Pre Nursery

3 Years

Our Curriculum

Chinese Immersion Learning


Art Odyssey

Music Odyssey

Motor Skills

Social Awareness & Character Building

English - Reading, Writing and Speaking

Chinese Warrior Statues

Chinese Immersion Learning

An immersion thematic approach for Chinese is adopted by Little Big to support and develop children’s interest in learning a new language together with a wide array of Chinese readers. These stories are carefully selected to introduce interesting content knowledge, rhythmic structures, vocabulary and age-appropriate concepts. To capitalise on the children’s increasing language competencies, they will begin to comprehend the language by engaging in meaningful conversation, hands-on activities, word recognition, reading and writing. Hanyu Pinyin will be introduced in the second semester for our K2 children.

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