Our pride and joy

While Little Big is awarded with the SPARK quality mark awarded by the Early Children Development Agency, our pride and joy comes from witnessing the growth of little ones. Seeing them gained new skills, abilities and knowledge while building relationships. 

Let's hear from some of them. 



jordan phua (2010-2014)

My experience at Little Big was amazing.  All of the teachers helped me in many things, such as learning to write and preparing for primary school.  I even learned how to make some food during cooking class.  I also liked playing with my friends and reading books."

I'm now in Primary 3 at St. Stephen's School.  I'm doing fine and I've made lots of new friends.  I just started my CCA this Tuesday.  It's called Media and Computer. 

kayla wee (2008-2013)

School, a time for parents to have some alone time or go to work in peace. Going to school?  Many children define that as a total nightmare. The first word that usually goes into their mind? Prison, stuck in a place they don’t want to be in. Me on the other hand, looked forward to going to school every day.

With unique ways of capturing students’ attention, going to school was a simple pleasure for me.

I was intrigued in the lessons, with an inquisitive mind waiting to grasp as much knowledge as it possibly could. Little Big didn’t just focus on growing us academically but also socially, organising events like the Brave Camp at the end of your preschool journey, and school plays at the end of the year.

Fast forward four years later, I’m currently in my school’s Sophia Blackmore class where I get to learn things beyond the normal curriculum. I’ve also recently won a national essay competition. This is all thanks to the unending guidance of my former teachers at Little Big who patiently corrected my every mistake.

Kayla Wee (left) with sister Vera Wee

Kayla Wee (left) with sister Vera Wee

Paige Yem (left)

Paige Yem (left)

Paige yem (2011-2014)

Hi, my name is Paige Yem. I started going to Little Big when I was 2.5 years old in 2011. 

Little Big was where I first learned to read and write. School was always fun and interesting. The teachers and principals I had were awesome! I love Little Big because I made many good friends there. Till today, we are still meeting each other once or twice a year for get-togethers!

I am now a primary 3 girl in CHIJ Katong. I am a Head Monitress and have been receiving different merit awards in school, as well as the government’s Edusave Award every year! Mummy say it is because Little Big has helped me lay a good foundation in my studies.

Thank you all my Little Big teachers for making study fun! And for all the wonderful memories I have!

parents of tessa low (2016)

We would like to express our gratitude for the level of care-giving, nurturing and schooling received by Tessa at Little Big Pre-school. Although she joined Little Big only in K2 this year, she very quickly adapted and took a great liking here from Day 1. We witnessed her growing in confidence day by day and her joy and exuberance multiplied in her less than 9 months here.

We were overjoyed to see her grow; astonished at her achievements and assured that we had made a right decision in choosing Little Big. We really want to commend the staff and teachers for making such an impactful & positive difference in her & our lives. Carry on all the good work!

Tessa Low (right) with family

Tessa Low (right) with family

2015 Graduation Brave Camp